To apply for a full time program and for the (F1) student visa must be prepared to submit the following documents:


*If you want to attend to a part-time program, you can come to the school and register. No application is necessary. International students wishing to attend PART TIME programs at APPROACH must ensure they have valid visas that will allow them to stay in the US for the duration of their programs. B-2 visas are for people whose main reason for visiting the United States is tourism. However, the US government has advised that a casual, short-term class that is not the primary purpose of the visitor’s presence in the United States may be appropriate for the B-2 visa category. The B-2 tourist and B-1 business visas are not appropriate for students who will enroll in a full-time study. Many countries are part of a visa-waiver program. Citizens of these countries may travel to the United States, as tourists without obtaining visa stamps. The rules regarding study are the same as for the B-2 visa; full-time study is not appropriate. If you enter the United States under the visa waiver program, you may be admitted for a 90-day period and cannot change your visa status or extend your stay. Check with your local US consulate or embassy for information.