Specialty Programs

What if you could practice Business English in real-life situations? Get help while in graduate school? practice teaching English to pursue a teaching career?Once you graduate from the ESL program, you can choose a specialized program according to your interests and academic or professional objectives. Those are full-time programs designed for advanced students. The class schedule is flexible and allows students to combine the practical portion of the program with the Academic requirements.

  1. The ESL Business experience is designed for students who would like to continue learning advanced ESL topics in a room setting while improving business English writing and/or communication skills in a real-life setting.Offerings can include non-paid internships in various fields, such as medical, research, Information technology, marketing, travel, finance, accounting, paralegal among others. APPROACH offers a monthly resume and cover letter seminar to help students get ready and has a list of companies offering volunteering opportunities to International students. Students should research and find the volunteering position prior to being accepted to this program.  Upon successful completion, the student will receive a written evaluation, a recommendation letter from the host company, and a special ESL APPROACH certificate and transcript.
  2. The Advanced Academic preparation is designed for students requiring ESL support during the first and second semesters of enrollment in undergraduate or graduate level courses or while working on specific academic projects such as thesis, research, or a publication.Approach recommends students to choose classes at our partner universities: Cambridge College, Southern New Hampshire University, Mass Bay Community College, Johnson & Whales University, Hult International Business School, Pine Manor College, Lesley University, School of the Museum of Fine Arts. If the student needs help finding undergraduate/ graduate courses, the course coordinator will personally assess the student’s academic interests and will guide the student in selecting the appropriate undergraduate or graduate courses prior to acceptance.
  3. The ESL teaching Internship is designed for advanced students of English and native speakers certified to teach ESL (English as a Second Language) and/or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) at private language schools in the USA and abroad and wishing to acquire additional teaching experience.Students will be observing and evaluating classes taught by certified APPROACH ESL instructors on every subject and at any ESL level. The variety of subjects and the well-balanced observation methodology assures that students will be exposed to different cultures and will be able to cross reference the theories students have learned with the real application in the room. Once prepared to teach, Approach will schedule classes with community students of diverse cultures at no charge, so TTP trainees can experience the difference between EFL and ESL teaching techniques.