Approach’s COVID19 funds and wealthiness

Approach has been teaching English and transforming International Students’ lives for the past 20 years in Boston. We have been part of hundreds of students’ stories who have chosen our school to study. Also, we are here to provide support for our students because we truly understand that everyone may experience challenging circumstances. 

We have had to face many difficulties and losses in the year 2020 due to the global pandemic. We know that being away from home can be a challenge for every international student, but we are here to guide and support them like a family. This is why having the support to go through tough situations in life makes all the difference.

Last year, with the student’s hearts and well-being in mind, Approach took the initiative to hire a health coach with a master’s degree in Holistic Counseling from Lesley University to offer several sessions of elective wellness classes for students. Those classes helped students to find strategies to cope with the pandemic, restore the natural rhythm of their body, and balance their minds and emotions. Students had the opportunity to experience the 11-week course on a weekly basis. They were taught several practical exercises for deep relaxation to energize the body and restore the balance of their lives. 

Knowing that many of our international students were facing economic difficulties during this global pandemic, Approach set up another initiative with a $50K COVID19 relief fund to assist those in need of financial help. A total of 81 of our students have received COVID-19 emergency funds so far for a total of $43,532.00. Another 11 students benefited from having their debt refinanced that added up to a total of $12,434.50. This initiative allowed many students to continue their journey. 

Both Approach’s initiatives enabled many students to continue their journey and their ESL studies. Beyond that, last year, despite dealing with remote learning and adapting to online classes, we had many students graduate successfully from our programs. Approach is one of the largest private ESL schools in Boston, and we have over 900 international students from many countries all over the world. We are very proud to make these resources available in a time of need and to support our students’ dreams to study English in the USA.