Approach’s student services, consistent with its mission and learning objectives provide the following:

Academic and career counseling: Once enrolled at Approach, students are invited to meet with the Academic Advisor to share their goals and receive proper guidance on how to achieve them. The Academic and Career Counselor has an outreach plan to monitor student outcomes based on their initial objectives in order to help students pursue their academic and career future while attending classes at Approach. 

Tutoring: Students facing academic difficulties may be assigned a tutor at no extra cost. The ESL tutors offer extra help to students in the Library and assistance in completing any supplementary materials assigned by the Academic Coordinators. 

Housing: Prospective students have the option to be placed into a host family, dormitories or apartments. There are a number of American families that work with Approach students. These families have been interviewed prior to being included in Approach’s list of host families, and are consistently monitored to ensure a proper “fit”. 

Cultural Orientations: Cultural orientation is ongoing at Approach and is a core value of the institution. Students come with many preconceptions as to how the U.S. operates. Consequently, teachers and staff must constantly inform students graciously why things are the way they are; such social issues extend from “embracing without consent to being on time to other rules that cannot be bent. Approach considers this a very important student service to ensure students “operate” within the boundaries of the community. Approach also sends welcome packages and acceptance package to students abroad and encloses a cultural orientation flyer that informs them about Boston, what’s culturally accepted, and what’s expected of them as members of  U.S. society. 

Activities: Learning English should be fun and rewarding. Approach has an activities calendar that is created every month. This calendar is balanced with what instructors may want to do to support their classroom learning. 

Student clubs: Approach hosts several student clubs for students who wish to form theatre groups, chorales, sports teams, books club, or other student clubs for students to have fun while improving their English. 

Student success workshops: APPROACH’S student success workshops are offered through each quarter. The success of our students represents our success and the workshops offered aim at helping students be successful. These workshops are offered at no extra fees and have several topics like effective study strategies, test-taking strategies, writing an effective resume, etc. 

University placement: Our Academic and career advisor works with each student interested in going to college to match them with the best college and program to fit their academic goals. Several of our students have received scholarships up to $25k/year from our partner universities. 


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