Student Services


We can make educational dreams a reality. The task of selecting and applying to the right undergraduate or graduate institution is difficult even for American students. Most international students would never apply to a college because they think it is too expensive or too difficult to be accepted. Sometimes they simply don’t understand the American Education System. We enjoy close working relationships with many excellent American universities and colleges. We have helped hundreds of students gain admission to these institutions. Our University Placement Service advisors help students choose a university, complete and submit applications, fulfill any English language requirements, and prepare for university life. The Application Process: Familiarity with the American university admissions process allows us to help assemble the strongest possible application dossier for each student. After reviewing the application, we recommend five academic institutions at which the student application will be competitive. We guarantee an offer of admission to at least one of these institutions. We then submit the application to the target schools, following up with any phone calls and additional information as necessary. We notify you immediately once we receive an acceptance letter. You can expect two types of acceptance:
Full acceptance means that you meet all admissions requirements.
Conditional acceptance usually means you will need to meet the school’s English language requirement before the starting date.

Fulfilling English Language Requirements:

If a student is already academically qualified for university admission but lacks the required English proficiency, we may obtain a Conditional Letter of Acceptance. This letter, issued by a college or university, states that the student will be enrolled once the institution’s English requirement is fulfilled. Nearly every American college or university requires students to speak, read, and write English at an acceptable level.
Most require a minimum TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) score, which may vary from institution to institution.


We encourage any international student coming to Boston to participate in the Housing Placement Program. Through this program, our ISS (International Student Services) arranges accommodations with an American family, giving the international student an excellent opportunity to practice English while learning about American culture. Our homes are carefully screened and selected. We provide the student with a room in a home near the school or near to public transportation. The friendship between students and their American families can last a lifetime.

Room at an American family home:

  • Private furnished room with or without meals: from $1,000.00 to $1,400.00/month.
  • Double furnished room with or without meals: from $900.00 to $1,200.00/month.