Student Activities

Academic Activities

Learning English should be fun and rewarding. During your program, the Activities Department will plan various indoors and outdoors class activities so that you can practice the skills you are learning in real settings. We will take you to volunteer at community events, visit the library for research, tour museums and participate in university lectures and events so that you have the opportunity to interact and communicate with native speakers. Students from other classes are welcome to join in activities happening outside of their regular class schedule.

Throughout the year, Approach hosts parties and events to ensure you will make friendships that will last a lifetime. Keep an eye out and don’t miss Valentine’s week, the Annual Summer Barbecue in July, the Halloween festival in October, the Thanksgiving dinner in November, and the holiday celebration in December. The monthly activities calendar is available at the main office. You should sign up for activities in advance to guarantee availability.

Our Activities calendar includes all academic activities scheduled for each month as well as some fun and more relaxed outings including excursions around the Boston area, movie sessions, graduation parties, and our traditional International Lunch where students bring a dish from their country to share with friends and teachers.


Student Clubs

We offer out students the opportunity to become club presidents by creating their own club. Some of the clubs this past quarter have been “Mom Squad, Emotional Intelligence, Scholarships & First Generation Path to University, and Book Club”. Students who wish to form theater groups, choirs, sport teams, book clubs, or other student clubs are encouraged to consult with the Activities Coordinator for guidance in forming a new club. Great club ideas are:

  • Conversation partner meet-ups
  • Toastmasters (public speaking)
  • Model UN
  • Beantown gamers
  • Music Madness
  • Flash Mobbers
  • Running for health
  • Soccer (spring and summer)
  • Salsa dancing
  • Wine tasting 


Student Success Workshops

Our student success workshops are offered throughout each quarter. The success of our students represents our success and the workshops offered aim at helping you be as successful as you can be. The workshops below are offered on-demand at no extra cost and participation is optional:

  • Effective study strategies

This interactive session will provide you with proofreading, studying, note-taking strategies, and effective study skills for optimal performance in class and during exams. Increase your retention and recall of information using a variety of study tools and techniques.

  • Test-taking strategies

Students often experience anxiety and frustration when preparing for and taking exams. This workshop presents strategies for exam preparation and exam-taking that can minimize anxiety and allow for greater success.

  • Exploring careers and choosing a pathway program

Are you exploring undergraduate and graduate programs, but still uncertain of the right direction? Thinking of switching careers? Join us for a lively discussion on the common myths and realities that often shape students’ decisions when choosing a school or a career. Come and gain valuable tips on how to make good choices about majors, minors, and careers.

  • Writing an effective resume and cover letter

First impressions do count! Learn how to market yourself on paper by writing an effective résumé and cover letter.

  • Cross-cultural seminars

The cross-cultural seminars bring an opportunity for you to share and learn about the culture, customs, and traditions of countries from all over the world.

  • Well-being seminars

Navigating culture shock, language barriers, and homesickness can be a challenge for every international student. In the well-being seminars, you will learn how to adjust to culture and life in the U.S. as well as how to navigate the medical care system.