Students’ Success Stories

What’s the first step toward reaching your dreams and goals? Learn English and see just how many doors can open for you.  From education, travel, and professional careers, English is everywhere.  Here at Approach, we’ll not only open the first door for you, but we’ll help you on your journey so that you can make the most out of all the opportunities and choices along the way.

We’re proud to present our students who have graduated from our English programs and were accepted into American universities’ undergraduate or graduate programs.  Aside from hard work and determination, each will tell you how much they benefited from the resources and support offered by our free college guidance and career advising services!

Abderrahmene Hamidi

Angela Ardila

Carolyne Mendonca

Daniela Cantillo

El Myrrhe Riche

Fernanda Lima

Hugo Silva

Humberto Santos

Ianca Fonseca

Jessica Cabral

Ledir Sanches

Nihat Alizade

Pedro Lopez

Priscila Silva

Saida Bizi

Sandra Ortiz

Sophie Scoffoni