Test Preparation (TOEFL, GMAT, GRE, SAT)

Do you need a TOEFL score? Are you going to graduate school and need the GMAT or GRE, or do you need to take the SAT for an undergraduate program?

To achieve a great score on a standardized test, you must learn not only the test subjects but also strategies to perform under time constraints. Besides the lack of English, most international students have specific needs according to their country of origin and previous education. Approach Test Preparation programs are designed for ESL students who want to improve their scores while learning specialized test-taking skills and exam strategies.

We have developed a simple and efficient method to help International students overcome the difficulties imposed by American standardized tests. Our instructors are experts who have been trained to score tests and have considerable experience teaching the strategies you need to accomplish your goals.

Our curriculum focuses on practicing the actual test content while supporting students on basic comprehension, vocabulary, and terminology of each test. Students will emerge from our test preparation programs with a confident approach to every problem type, from the basic to the most advanced. Our programs are designed to incorporate the best test preparation offered to native speakers with the support needed by international students. Classes are taught using the test maker materials and laboratory practice utilizes the latest and most effective materials in the industry.