Advanced Programs

Once you graduate from our ESL program, you may choose an advanced program:

Advanced Academic Preparation 

Designed for students who need support in preparation to attend and be successful in undergraduate and/or graduate studies include:

  • College-level liberal arts 
  • College Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Public Speaking among others


Business Program

The Business Program is designed for students who would like to learn Business and Entrepreneurial skills while gaining fluency and communication skills to increase one’s ability to function effectively in social and business settings where interpersonal communication is required. Courses include:

  • Foundations of Business
  • Public Speaking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business Ethics among others


ESL Teaching Internship

Designed for students who are preparing for or have earned a teaching certificate, and wish to acquire teaching experience or complete a practicum teaching requirement to later work at private language schools in the USA or abroad. This program combines guided classroom observations with a monitored teaching practicum. The variety of subjects and the well-balanced observation methodology assure that students will be exposed to different cultures and will be able to cross-reference the theories students have learned with the real application in the classroom.