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2020 Accomplishments – A letter from our director

Approach’s COVID19 funds and wealthiness 

3/8/2021 – Approach has been teaching English and transforming International Students’ lives for the past 20 years in Boston. We have been part of hundreds of students’ stories who have chosen our school to study. In addition, we are here to provide support for our students because we truly understand that everyone may experience challenging circumstances. (…) Read more

Approach’s Sales Associate on-campus work

3/8/2021 – Approach is happy to announce that students can now apply for the Sales Associate position and join our team! We are so excited to be expanding our school and to be able to provide more opportunities for our students to work with us. We believe that this is a valuable experience in which the student will be able to develop their sales skills and add the experience to their resume. (…) Read more

Approach’s FREE conversation classes

3/08/2021 – We are glad to announce that during the winter term, Approach has offered free conversation classes from beginner to advanced levels, and made them available for students and non-students all over the world. (…) Read more

F1 Economic Hardship Clarification

2/12/2021 – English


F1 Economic Hardship Clarification

2/12/2021 – Portuguese