“Learning English is the first step towards your goal.”

We at Approach are here to be your home away from home, and to welcome you to the beautiful city of Boston and the region of New England. Our mission statement reflects what we want students to experience while attending classes at Approach:

To provide high-quality:  We not only strive to hire highly qualified and experienced teachers but we also invest the time and money to often update the curriculum, materials, and training our teachers. That way, we can ensure we are offering high-quality education and the best available resources to our students.  

To have flexibility: We offer a variety of programs and course schedule options. We pride ourselves on offering such flexibility while ensuring students achieve the expected academic outcome and beyond.

To have an affordable education: Great education should be accessible. For the most part, our students have dreams bigger than their bank accounts so whenever possible, we cut unnecessary costs and reformulate processes to ensure that our student’s money is being spent on what matters most: their education. 

Program of study

Approach has been teaching students from all over the world for the past 20 years. Our programs are designed to help you achieve your academic and professional goals in the US. The school is open for classes Monday-Saturday and there are many schedule options available. Classes are offered throughout the day and evening allowing you to choose the schedule that best suits your needs.

Teaching over 900 students each month, our school offers a group of highly specialized teachers and a broad range of student supporting services to help you succeed! Upon graduating from our ESL  program, you may benefit from joining one of our partner universities without having to submit TOEFL scores. The process is simple and our Academic and Career Adviser helps you every step of the way.